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    Snow & Ice Symposium

    SIMA Education

    SIMA and Snow Business work together to coordinate and promote many events throughout the year that can get you in front of targeted snow and ice professionals, including:
    • SIMA Snow & Ice Symposium: the best show in snow is the place where snow contractors and managers meet from all over the US and Canada to network, educate themselves, and have fun. There are plenty of opportunities to get in front of them, including exhibit space, educational sessions to banquet and reception events, and more. 

    • SIMA Regional Training: SIMA coordinates numerous regional events each year. SIMA sells these programs out ...this is a great opportunity to get in front of a small group of individuals during a program that will help them increase their revenue.

    • SIMA Snow Strategies Forum: Each year, SIMA coordinates a Snow Strategy Forum, designed for the heavy-hitters in the business to meet in a relaxing atmosphere while engaging in thought-provoking training and educaiton. Previous locations include Atlantic City, Napa Valley, Boston, and Las Vegas...where will the next one be, and will you be a part of it?

    • SIMA Webinars: Each year we coordinate 4-5 webinars focused on various topics, and we archive them for future use. Great marketing exposure at a low cost per webinar!

    • SIMA Resource 24/7 Training Center: In 2012, SIMA launched Resource 24/7, an online training platform that allows SIMA members and industry professionals to access over 20 educational seminars and training videos for low cost, from the comfort of their homes and offices. In addition, all of SIMA's downloadable documents, forms, and template contracts are available, creating a simple, easy stop for snow contractors who want to improve their businesses.

    Contact Brian@sima.org for more information on these items.